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Frontline Energy has developed a system called QuickDraw for centralizing project data. Quickdraw is accessible to our clients, our field landmen and our main office.

Quickdraw can easily be customized for different projects and incorporates the ability to generate specialized documents and reports.

You can Click Here to view a PowerPoint presentation that will walk you through typical QuickDraw usage (A PowerPoint viewer can be downloaded here from Microsoft).

QuickDraw is just one example of how we apply our experience to reduce costs and provide services in a more efficient and effective manner.

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  • Land, Lease and Right-of-Way Brokerage
  • Due Diligence and Documentation
  • Operating Agreements, Farmout Agreements & Unitization
  • Regulatory Compliance, Phase One Environmental Audits
  • Project Staffing/FICA, FUTA, Worker's Comp Regulation & Recruitment
  • Working Interest Audits & 1099 Reports
  • Division Orders
  • Prospect Management
  • Log Retrieval Services
  • Research/Planning
  • Document Management/Storage
  • Information Technology

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